Consultancy Services

Could your organisation’s software systems do with an overhaul or replacement? Then a business process review (BPR) is a good place to start. AccessNet Technologies have experts to do the bulk of the work for you. Our consultant will ‘shadow’ each business process, and ask questions of the staff involved. This will enable them to:

  • provide an organisation-wide view
  • identify gaps and inefficiencies e.g. double-handling of data, duplicate processes
  • identify potential areas for streamlining processes or automation
  • examine which processes are not required or are not producing what they should

BPR success doesn’t come easily. It requires everyone’s involvement, and for that to happen, top management needs to be committed, employees need to feel empowered, and there needs to be strategic direction and an end goal.

So, if wish to explore a BPR for your organisation then contact us for a FREE consultation!

Software Services

Our phased approach to implementing business management (ERP) software ensures a smooth transition and no downtime
At AccessNet Technologies we deliver a completely customer focused service as specialists in ERP Software.  Services that include requirement gathering, project management, installation, software configuration and implementation, training and full after-sales support.

Project Management

Our business consultants and project management professionals are the experts that turn our software into the solution that best fits your business requirements.

We believe that understanding your unique requirements is the key to success and by completing a thorough consultation up front with your project management team, we are able to deliver solutions to meet your true needs.


We draw upon all our industry experience and software expertise to guide you through the implementation of your project to a timely and successful completion.  Our team of experts help you assess your functional requirements and meet your business goals to ensure you maximise the value of your investment.

With our unique ‘drag and drop’ menu driven technology, it is now much easier and more affordable to customise your solution without the need for developers or any coding.  This flexibility ensures you can quickly, easily and cost-effectively get the system that best suits your needs.

Training & Support

We understand that once your software is up and running, requirements continue to change, so our solutions are built with future flexibility in mind.

Our services do not stop when your deployment ends.  We offer a full range of on-going services and support to provide continuous value and transfer of knowledge to you and your staff.