Agile Method builds relationships to understand the requirement and engages the key users early.

We use the Agile approach to managing projects involving implementation, customisation and software development.  It uses incremental, iterative work sequences that are commonly known as sprints(a period of time allocated for a particular phase of a project). Our sprints are considered to be complete when we deliver working software before the time period expires for that phase of the project.

The general principles of the Agile Method

  • Satisfy the client and continually develop software.
  • Changing requirements are embraced for the client’s competitive advantage.
  • Concentrate on delivering working software frequently. Delivery preference will be placed on the shortest possible time span.
  • Developers and business people must work together throughout the entire project.
  • Projects must be based around people who are motivated. Give them the proper environment and the support that they need. They should be trusted to get their jobs done.
  • Face-to-face communication is the best way to transfer information to and within a team.
  • Working software is the primary measurement of progress.
  • Agile processes will promote development that is sustainable. Sponsors, developers and users should be able to maintain an indefinite, constant pace.
  • Constant attention to technical excellence and good design will enhance agility.
  • Simplicity is considered to be the art of maximizing the work that is not done, and it is essential.
  • Self-organized teams usually create the best designs.
  • At regular intervals, the team will reflect on how to become more effective, and they will tune and adjust their behavior accordingly.