ERP Technical

Future-proofing  our client’s business management software

  • Our ERP Products are built on the latest Microsoft (.net) technology.
  • Products are easy to use and have unrivaled flexibility, comprehensive functionality and lowest cost of ownership either on premise or in the cloud.
  • Customisation is carried out on the core of the product. Functionality can be added, changed or modified at any point within the software
  • Our ERP applications can be easily extended and enhanced at every layer using an agile development framework
  • Provides our .Net developers with all the required tools to build extendable Product plugins based your priorities.

Keeping it simple for clients with a single product fully integrated throughout the business.

  •  Fully integrated solution for managing your finance, customers, suppliers, inventory, service, production, reporting etc
  • Supporting informed business decisions by providing real-time accurate information for all areas of your business.
  • Manage your business processes and business rules easily across the whole system
  • There is only a single product to maintain which makes it more cost effective
  • Our flexible, development-led ERP software also makes migration easy.

You will quickly see how much easier things could be if you add our product framework as your business management system. Get a product tour today.