Modern ERP Software for any industry

Key requirements for Business Management Software in any organisation


  • Some popular business software products have been around for years and appear to be a good choice. On closer inspection however, they can reveal that they are based on old and limited technology.  You need to invest in technology that looks to the future; technology that embraces modern techniques to empower you to adopt best practice and the flexibility you need to continuously enhance your competitive advantage.
  • Technology has moved on from the frequently asked question of which solution is best for me – ‘Out-of–the-box’ or ‘Fully Customised’.   With the flexibility of .Net technology, it is now possible to get a standard ‘out-of-the-box’ configuration that can be quickly and cost-effectively customised to suit your exact needs.
  • Thanks to modern technology, business software features generally only afforded by larger businesses are now available to even 1 user sites.  Things like workflows, scheduled reporting, dashboards, security policies, audit trails etc. are now available to any company looking to manage their business by exception, saving them many man hours trawling through data or reviewing manual business controls.
  • Continuous development in technology has greatly improved the flow of information throughout a business.  It is now easier than ever before for the right people to receive the right information at the point of decision making.  This is achieved through features like predefined triggered alerts, schedule reporting, user-specific dashboards, reports, data drills or pivot tables.
  • Expensive development work and costly upgrades are a thing of the past.  Systems are now being developed without transaction limitations, with enough flexibility to grow with your business and never needing to be replaced.

When reviewing systems, our prospects often point to the limitations of their existing system and are amazed at how much business software technology has moved on from their last purchase.

Industry Specific Modules

Over the years, we have developed industry specific modules to address  unique requirements in a wide variety of  sectors. These modules have been developed in partnership with industry leaders and has evolved into easy to use, fully integrated functionality where there’s no need to enter information more than once.

Consider your choice of Accounting/Business Management/ERP System carefully.  Don’t just look at solving your current business needs today but consider your future needs down the line.  And more importantly, examine the technology being used; is it old and out dated, placing limitations or new and progressive thinking and obstructing opportunities.

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